Multi+ Vital Complex – An important aspect of successful therapy

Essential micronutrients to meet the body’s needs

You will already be aware that, in order to optimally apply a micronutrient in a specific field of application, the metabolism as a whole must function correctly. This requires the body to have all the vitamins and minerals it needs to perform.

This is why FormMed developed the multi+ Vital Complex. This complex provides your patients with almost all essential micronutrients and broadens the scope of the supplement to act as a holistic multi-micronutrient complex to meet the body’s needs.

Higher value for a small premium

The multi+ Vital Complex is available in the majority of the medical indication supplements for permanent use. In each of these supplements, the complex was adapted for optimal treatment of the target patient group. For a small premium, it offers higher value.

Therefore, Multi+ Vital Complex is the first choice for supplying the body’s basic needs for patients who are not already using a supplement containing it. Generally, it is possible to take up to two Multi+ Vital Complex products at the same time. To make it easier to combine products, we also offer supplements with and without Multi+ Vital Complex.

Only FormMed offers multi+ Vital Complex to cover the basic requirements of the body.


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