The FormMed micronutrient concept

It couldn't be easier

We want to make successful therapy with micronutrients as easy as possible for you. The FormMed micronutrient concept therefore offers more than 400 supplements in only two groups: indication supplements and active ingredient supplements.

Indication supplements and active ingredient supplements

Indication supplements have the name suffix "in-form", for example Immun-in-form®. They contain specific micronutrients for certain indications. There are up to four variants of an indication supplement for each area of application:
multi+ supplements additionally contain the multi+ Vital Complex for basic protection.
forte supplements offer extra strong effects through higher dosage and additional micronutrients.
forte multi+ supplements are also available.

In this way, the individual micronutrient requirements of your patients can be covered just as they would be individually.

Optimally combinable

Because sometimes one vitamin alone is not enough, you can simply combine FormMed supplements with each other – both from the indication supplements and from the active ingredient supplements.

The largest micronutrient concept in Germany enables you to successfully treat your patients on an individual basis with the appropriate supplement or combination. And this applies to all important indications and specialties.


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