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Our claim: Successful therapy with micronutrients. This includes always offering the right supplement - "Made in Germany" and affordable. This is the only way for doctors to recommend our supplements with a clear conscience and to use them properly. And only in this way can patients afford to take the supplements permanently in order to obtain the greatest health benefits. To achieve this, we are constantly looking to further our knowledge, discover better raw materials and create more effective formulas. And we know all about that: The founder of the company, Dr. Lemperle, is a doctor himself with many years’ experience.

Doctor & founder

The founder and owner, Dr. Martin Lemperle, has led a nutritional medicine practice with over 10,000 patients for 15 years. In 1995, Dr. Lemperle founded FormMed and used his experience to develop innovative supplements for colleagues in the practice. The result today: The largest micronutrient concept from Germany with almost 400 high-quality, affordable supplements. You will always find the right supplement with us.



Dr. Martin Lemperle is still the sole proprietor, so FormMed is 100% owner-managed and self-financed. We are therefore only committed to our own ethics, our patients and therapists: always the best possible quality for optimal treatment. And this is in the long term. There are no dividends for investors at FormMed.

Facts & Figures

FormMed was founded in 1995. We now employ more than 50 people, over 15 of which are active in the research and development department, including Dr. Lemperle himself. In the meantime, we carry almost 400 supplements from more than 250 raw materials. Over 2.500 doctors, medical institutes and alternative practitioners are now successfully using FormMed supplements in Germany. FormMed is therefore the market leader in Germany for therapists.

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