From vision to mission

Practical experience for successful therapy with micronutrients

In 1996, Dr. med. Martin Lemperle founded his company FormMed HealthCare. As a nutrition doctor, he had had positive experiences using different micronutrients. In doing so, he repeatedly found that practical dosages were often not available and the combination of several supplements was not possible. What was missing was a comprehensive range of products for long-term successful applications.

Dr. med. Lemperle therefore founded FormMed to develop complex, compatible micronutrient combinations - with success!

The FormMed concept now comprises more than 400 supplements. This makes it the largest micronutrient concept from Germany and guarantees a comprehensive selection of supplements for all specialties.

Our responsibility

FormMed uses the great possibilities of micronutrient medicine and develops them further. Achieving lasting health improvements is the motivation for our research and development.

We work together with our employees and partners. Fairness, respect, social responsibility and a strong team characterize our cooperation. We have a flat organizational structure: Every employee can contribute creatively and independently.

Our supplements are produced exclusively in Germany and guarantee the highest quality. At the same time, we make sure that the high-quality micronutrients always remain affordable. In this way, everything is geared to one purpose: Successful therapy with micronutrients.


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