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All doctors want the most effective supplement for their patients, and one that is risk-free when it comes to the ingredients. Only micronutrients produced according to the strict German legal requirements guarantee legal certainty for the treating physician. Therefore, all FormMed supplements are developed and produced in Germany.

FormMed goes one step further than required by law: We renounce the use of all dyes and, as far as possible, the use of additives, even where there is no labelling obligation.

This makes allergies and other undesirable side effects almost impossible.

Production in Germany guarantees legal security for therapists

Regulations and controls for ingredients are stricter in Germany than in most other countries. That is why supplements from abroad – even from EU countries such as the Netherlands or Austria – often contain ingredients that are not permitted in Germany. This also means that the so-called product liability in Germany is no longer applicable. If physicians recommend such a product without informing their patients about this problem, they are therefore liable for possible damages that the patients suffer as a result of these ingredients. This is particularly problematic as often only experts can classify this marketability; doctors can hardly do so in everyday practice. FormMed employs internal and external experts who make this classification. Furthermore, we are in dialogue with the controlling authorities to ensure the marketability of the supplements. As a therapist, you are safe with FormMed.

Doping-related contaminations

Many products from Europe, but also from the USA, may contain prohormones and other doping-related substances; in these countries they are sold as dietary supplements. If a product is produced there for sale in Germany, cross-contamination often leads to contamination with anabolic steroids or prohormones.

For magnesium, for example, 17 percent of all supplements sold in the EU are said to contain anabolic steroids [1]. Not so at FormMed.

20 selected FormMed supplements are even on the recognized "Cologne List®". If you want to find out more about these supplements or the Cologne List, please read here.

[1] Geyer H et al. (2004): Analysis of Non-Hormonal Nutritional Supplements for Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids – Results of an International Study. Int J Sports Med 25: 124-129

European Commission investigation

A European Commission survey showed that two thirds of online retailers sell unauthorized food supplements. The food authorities of the EU member states checked almost 1.100 websites in 2017 and found 779 illegal offers. 428 of these were novel foods without authorization. In the case of 351 food supplements, inadmissible or false medical claims were made.[2]

With FormMed, you have the certainty that you will only receive food supplements that are marketable in Germany. You can therefore recommend our supplements with a clear conscience.

[2] European Commission (2018): The first EU coordinated control plan on online offered food products. Analysis of the main outcome of the implementation of the Commission Recommendation on a coordinated control plan on the official control of certain foods marketed through the Internet. Ref. Ares(2018)893577 - 15/02/2018

Certified - for the safety of your patients

We voluntarily undertake to ensure that our production and development processes are certified in accordance with the highest internationally recognized standards:

  • Production according to GMP and IFS Food

These abbreviations stand for:

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and IFS Food (International Featured Standards Food). All FormMed products are packaged in facilities which are voluntarily certified according to these internationally recognized standards. Among other things, these certifications aim to ensure a high product quality and low error rate in the production.


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