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More than 400 supplements which can be optimally combined

More than 400 supplements, FormMed has the largest range of micronutrients from Germany for all areas of application. The different dosage of the micronutrients, as well as the availability of all useful active substance compounds, ensures successful therapy.

FormMed develops supplements for all medical fields. The supplements are perfectly coordinated and suitable for all important indications and specialties. Only this variety guarantees the integral treatment of your patients.

The FormMed micronutrient concept

You can always find what you need with ease. The FormMed micronutrient concept consists of two supplement groups: Indication supplements and active ingredient supplements. You can find supplements either by indication (like "Arthro-in-formĀ®" for joints) or by active ingredients (like D-formĀ® 2,000 for vitamin D).

The other pillars of our philosophy:


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